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Save Our Fort Scott Wireless Internet

Dear Fort Scott Wireless Subscriber,


Urgent Appeal


Some of the government officials in the City of Fort Scott have taken actions that will cause your High Speed Wireless Internet Service to be terminated!


Since 2005, Valnet has provided wireless internet access service to the Fort Scott area.   The main backbone of our wireless network is our transmission point on the Southern Water Tower which is broadcasting signals to your home or business.


HOWEVER, the City Manager of Fort Scott has now demanded that we remove our equipment from the Southern Water Tower.   He has been unable to provide any reason or rationale for his arbitrary decision.   Even after Valnet has offered to pay to the City of Fort Scott additional revenue and perform any work on the tower that is needed, the City Manager has made the decision that will result in Fort Scott losing a small business and leave its residents without quality wireless internet service.


This disheartening news comes on the back of Valnet's work in the field to bring additional capacity of 3 Mbps and 5 Mbps services to its customers. Valnet also provides customer service to all of its customers and many of you may have seen our vehicles around town improving our network and repairing any issues with your service.  


Many of our subscribers use our service to take online classes, provide home schooling for their children, work from home and operate businesses. In short, they depend on Valnet’s High-Speed Wireless Internet Service. Now, the City of Fort Scott wants our equipment removed without reason or justification, this is not only unfair to Valnet but it is unfair to the residents of the Fort Scott area that depend on us.


What you can do:

1. Call your city officials and tell them you do not want to have your Internet service taken away.

2. Tell them why you depend on our service and how important it is to you.

3. Call the Local Newspaper:
Fort Scott Tribune     620-223-1460
Ruth Campbell, Editor, rcampbell@fstribune.com
Bourbon County Review  620-223-6200

4. Sign our petition we will deliver to the city at http://fortscott.epetitions.net
In the comment box, be sure to say how losing your Internet will adversely affect you and your family.

5. Valent will request that we be allowed to speak to the City Commissioners at the meeting held on Tuesday, March 5, 2013 at 5:00 PM.   At the meeting, each resident should have an opportunity to tell the Commissioners to keep Valnet’s equipment on the southern water tower. We would greatly appreciate it if you can come to the meeting and “speak your mind.”

Even though this is a tough time, as a token of our appreciation to our Fort Scott customers, Valnet will give you 30 days of service free!



Jim Adams          Mayor             620-644-8839 

Gary Bukowski      City Commissioner 620-223-9972

Sam Mason          City Commissioner 620-223-5873

Jeanie Parker      City Commissioner 620-223-0159

Cindy Bartelsmeyer City Commissioner 620-719-6811

 We value you as a customer and are working to avert any interruption in your service.

If you have any questions, please call 888-332-1616.

Very truly yours,

Don Bledsoe
Valnet Marketing Department

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